Sunday, August 20, 2017

Sabbatical Roadtrip Day 15-16

Visiting the Goblirsch's. We had a wonderful time in Apple Valley with my mom's sister. She had homemade buns ready and waiting for us! At this point we've gained at least 10 pounds! Thursday we took the boys to the local theater and saw Cars 3. Fun movie :-) Then we visited the Mall of America and rode a couple of the rides inside the mall. Logan voted for the Log chute ride first, and Nate wanted to do the Pepsi roller coaster which circles the whole park. Dad and Nate finished off our tickets with a crazy fast upside down multiple loops Sponge Bob ride. Yikes. When we came back to the house everyone was off work and ready to visit. The boys set squirrel traps in the backyard and within 40 minutes Nate caught one! He and Uncle Gary took it to a local park to let it go live closer to the acorn tree and away from Aunt Debbie's garden. After dinner my brother Micah showed up with his family as they are travelling down from Canada to Iowa. We enjoyed playing games and sitting around the fire with our cousins again :-) Ken held individual financial planning sessions for all who were interested :-) He's a big fan of the book the Investment Answer and loves to talk about finances/saving money. After Micah and family left for IOWA we attempted to go to the Museum but ended up back at the Mall of America for the ropes course and zip line. Those boys are brave! It was fun to watch. Saturday we decided to try out a float trip down the river. It was finally good weather for it! The ride was peaceful and we saw 2 bald eagles and lots of snapping turtles. To be honest we did run aground twice and our dip in the river was short lived since it was only 3.5 feet deep and we were scraping our knees on the rocks. And Ken was super dad chasing after Nate's flip flop that got away from him. We wrapped up the evening with the Dads going to a Twins game and the kids and Moms staying in for Mac N cheese, a movie and ice cream sundae.

Saturday, August 19, 2017

Sabbatical Roadtrip Day 14

A wet drive to Taunton, MN! Grandma Rachel was ready for us with pot roast in the oven. She actually made a small feast with homemade applesauce, corn, potatoes, coleslaw, and pudding for dessert! We broke out the cards and Nate schooled all of us in Aces Wild.... even Grandma. The boys went for a little walk around town and got a tour of the grain elevator. The guy that was working their offered them a hat. They took all 3! Sheesh! We left Grandmas and stopped by HyVee to visit Aunt Linda at work before heading to the twin cities. Another long wet drive and apparently we missed at least 3 tornado touchdowns on the way. YIKES!

Friday, August 18, 2017

Sabbatical Roadtrip Day 11-13

Visiting the Carrettes! We had an amazing time with my mom's brother this last week. We ate amazing food! Can you say Belgian spinach potatoes, Steak, Belgian Lettuce, sweet corn, bruchetta, home made Corn dogs, Blueberry French toast, Italian Sodas. Logan got to make cookies! We learned a cool night game called Around the House. The boys worked towards World domination in a game of RISK. We learned more about the Flagshooter business and country life. We enjoyed sweet cousin time. Logan and Ida are just 2 days apart and loved hanging out together. The highlight may have been the tubing trip out on the lake. Nate was on cloud 9 and will not soon forget his tubing experience.

Thursday, August 17, 2017

Sabbatical Roadtrip Day 10

On Saturday we woke up and headed off to WALL, SD. I know you've probably never heard of it. It's a tourist trap in the middle of the heartland. We walked through about 100 gift shops to get to the back lot that had some great picture opportunities. Fun memories from 30 years ago. After a 20 minute stop we enjoyed a beautiful drive through the Badlands. Logan especially loved climbing all over the hills. After a gasoline stop and a Buffalo Hot dog we drove to the Minutemen Missile National Historic Site and learned about the Intercontinental Ballistic Missiles that were at the ready during the cold war. The boys got their Jr. Ranger badges before heading for Sioux Falls. We chased a lightning storm almost all the way to Paul's house and were amazed at the lightning and thunder. Busy day! OOps! I forgot yesterday we completed the license plate game finding all 48 contiguous United States! Ken found the last two right across from each other at Mt. Rushmore. As Jasper would say "Yeah Bacon!"